A leading Electrical Company in Randburg

When your electrical systems aren’t functioning properly, you don’t just have an annoyance. Electrical problems can pose a safety risk to your family and your home. When you need electrical repair, you need to have a team of electrical contractors you know you can trust to do the job well. Destiny provides electrical repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to families and businesses in Johannesburg, Randburgs, and the surrounding area. If your electrical systems are giving you trouble, you can trust our team to repair them well. We provides following services.

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Upgrading circuit panels
  • Finishing basement or attic spaces
  • Upgrading wiring, outlets and light switch replacement in older homes
  • Installing new data and phone lines
  • Installing all types of lighting
  • Adding Emergency lighting
  • Upgrading and maintaining machinery wiring
  • Installing Lighting motion sensors


Failure or malfunction of electricity may cause some blazes or other deadly hazards. These blazes may lead to death or permanent injuries to some innocent souls. The fact is that these tragedies can be avoided with the help of an electrician. The following are 5 signs that you need to call an electrician:

System Failure 
Traditional homes were not structured to support the modern electrical demands. This leads to consistent shut down when overloaded. This usually due to two reasons; either the fuse blows up or the circuit breaker trips. The two issues are clear indicators that the circuit is drawing more current surpassing its potential. This calls for an upgrade of your electrical system.

Light Flicker or Dim 
The home system may be overloaded when many appliances are utilized at the same time even if the system is at par. For example, your refrigerator and air conditioner require a considerable amount of power to keep them running. The two appliances can cause interruption or malfunctioning in the lighting system when fixed on the same circuit. The best solution to such a problem is to connect such devices to their respective circuits.

Too Many Extension Cords 
As per a research finding by ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International), over 3000 residential fires are caused by extension cords on a yearly basis. This is not an indication that these devices are dangerous, but the problem is the manner in which they are used. The fact is that most homeowners usually do not have sufficient outlets. As a result, they overload the ones that have with extension cords. The best remedy is to hire an electrician to install a few more outlets. This not only saves you and your family members from tripping over the cords but will drastically minimize the risk of home fire as well.

Warm to the Touch 
No matter the amount of juice you use, your switches, outlets, and various other components should never get warm or hot. If this occurs, it is an indication that your circuit is getting overloaded and it’s on high demand. This might lead to an electric shock from touching a switch or a circuit. This is an indication of critical safety risks to every member of such a house. Despite that there will be no need of overall system upgrade, you will need an electrician to redo wiring in some areas.

Advanced Age 
We all know that some things get worn out with age. If your home has run for several years without inspection of the electrical system, tragedy is at your doorstep. The common issues that electricians are likely to find in old abodes are lousy wiring, rust, and antiquated circuits. It’s always wise to hire an electrician to do carry out a thorough electrical system inspection.

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Electrical Contractors near me

Even if you are in need of electrical compliance certificate Johannesburg, No job is too big or too small.  We do it all!  From receptacle installation to home theater installation, our Electricians in Johannesburg South and our Electrical Services Johannesburg has you covered from all angles.  It’s no secret that we have the best contractors in Indiana, and our rave reviews speak to that.  We have 24/7 services available to local electricians Johannesburg , electrical companies johannesburg and all of the surrounding areas.  Let us be your residential electric repair specialists.  We have operators on standby in Indy to assist you with all of your electrical service requests.  We will connect you with an experienced, Licensed electrician ASAP. 

Certified Electrical Contractor, You Can Trust

Here at Destiny Electricians in Johannesburg, our customer’s safety is top priority. Our Licensed electrician Johannesburg are fully qualified to handle all electric work requested by our homeowners and business owners. Our service specialists go through rigorous training and abide by all state codes and safety regulations on the work site. We make sure that we go over our work once completed to ensure everything is properly in order. Your safety is our responsibility. You can trust that Safeway Electricians has the best interest in your family’s safety and well-being when we are on the job.  ​We are your friendly electrician nearby.

What to Look for in Commercial Electrical Contractors in Randburg, northern Johannesburg

Before hiring commercial electrical contractors in Johannesburg, it is important that you know what qualities they should possess. This way, you can be sure that you’ve hired commercial electrical contractors in South Africa who can really help fix your electric issues. 

There are plenty of commercial electrical contractors in Gauteng, so it can be hard to choose which ones are right for your business. To help you out, here are the things you should look for in commercial electrical contractors in Johannesburg:

  • Look for Commercial Electrical Contractors in Johannesburg Who Are Fast and Efficient

Since electrical problems can cause harm to your company, it is important to look for commercial electrical companies in Johannesburg who know what you need. If these issues are already affecting your employees’ productivity, these commercial electrical companies in South Africa should fix them as soon as possible. This way, your company can start operating normally again. 

  • Look for Experienced Commercial electrical installation companies in Johannesburg.

One of the first things you should consider before hiring commercial electrical maintenance companies in johannesburg is their experience. You should know how long these affordable electrical companies in Gauteng have been doing their job. This is one way of determining whether they can fix your electrical issues or not.

  • Look for Commercial Electrical companies in johannesburg Who Offer Free Quotes

You should hire commercial electrical contractors in South Africa who offer free quotes to ensure that your budget is enough for the installation, inspection, or repair of your electrical devices or wirings. You may consider RU Electrical Service Inc. as we are one of the commercial electricians in Johannesburg who provide free quotes on any electrical installation companies in Johannesburg.

  • Look for Commercial electrical contractors in South Africa Who Can Provide References

Before hiring commercial best electrical engineering companies in Gauteng, you should ask them first to provide you any references like their work portfolio. Good contractors usually keep photos or videos of their work as proof of the quality of their work. If they have a website or a social media page, you may also browse them as these photos and videos may have been posted on them.

In addition, you can also ask these commercial electrical contractors in Indianapolis to provide you any names of the companies they have previously worked for. You can speak directly with the business owners and ask about their experience working with the electrical companies in South Africa. 

  • Look for Commercial list of electrical companies in Gauteng Who Are Highly Recommended

When searching for commercial list of electrical companies in Gauteng, try asking your friends or family members for any suggestions. They may know a contractor who can provide the quality service you’re looking for. 

If these commercial certified electricians Johannesburg have a website or a social media page, you can also browse through them and read customer testimonials or comments. Make sure that most of their previous customers’ feedback are positive. This way, you can be sure that you’ll be hiring a contractor who can fix the electrical problems of your business.

Residential Electrical Services Include:

  • Security Lights
  • Parking Lot Light Service
  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Outlet Repair and Installation
  • Chandelier Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Home Theater Wiring
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Electrical Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Breaker Panel Repair and Upgrades
  • Security System Wiring
  • Meter Upgrades
  • Swimming Pool Writing & Lighting Installation
  • Home Inspection
  • Generator Installation & Repair
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Indoor Lighting 
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • New Construction / Residential & Commercial

Professional Electricians in Randburg, Northern Johannesburg

Destiny has Electricians Johannesburg ready to solve any electrical problem you may have. From tripping breakers to whole-home surges our affordable Electricians are ready to get you back up and going as quickly as possible. Call now or click the Schedule Now button below to get a technician headed your way!

  • Electrical Panel Replacement
    • If your electrical panel keeps tripping or your lights are flickering, it might be time to replace it. There are more electrical needs in your home now than 20 years ago, so make sure that your panel can keep up. Instead of repairing it yourself, let the certified electricians at Destiny Plumbing help you.
  • Whole-Home Generators
    • South Africa can get storms like few others. Avoid losing power by guarding your home against power surges with a whole-home generator installation. Our certified, electricians in South Africa will ensure that the lights stay on at your place.
  • Tripping Breakers
    • Ever try to plug in your hairdryer and the power shorts in the whole home? Sounds like your circuit got overloaded and your home may need anything from another circuit breaker or another electric solution. Our seasoned electricians will be able to tell you what you need Quik-ly.
  • Whole-Home Surge Protection
    • Don’t let a thunderstorm threaten your expensive home electronics. Worried about your home office desktop? Televisions? A quick whole-home surge protector is an investment in protecting your electronics.
  • Meter Base Repair
    • When powerlines are brought down, this can rip the electric meter from your home, disrupting your life. We are licensed by IPL to re-attach or replace your electric meter. If needed, we can get a permit to perform the work as well.