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Welcome to Destiny, We are team of certified Plumbers Electricians and Solar Installer, We are passionate to help you 24 hours. In addition to repair and maintenance, we also install commercial toilets and urinals in new businesses, as well as replacing existing toilets and urinals in businesses. Our technicians will recommend the best commercial toilet to meet your particular needs, both considering functionality and affordability in our recommendations. Those in need of plumbing companies in South Africa rely on Destiny Plumbing for proper care of commercial toilets, including repair, maintenance, and replacement. With fast, friendly, reliable service and an unmatched expertise, Plumbers Johannesburg is your best resource for keeping your business’s bathrooms in good condition.

Welcome to Destiny!

If you are facing any plumbing, electrical problem or facing huge bills of electricity and want to Install solar system? The Destiny is right choice for you because we provide one step solution of your any of Plumbing, Electrical or solar problem, our team is waiting to serve you 24 hours.

Providing Reliable Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

 blocked drain

Commercial drains are different than those located in residential buildings. They must be more durable and stand up to more use than drains in homes. They also face greater risk because not everyone will treat public drains as they do their drains at home.

Destiny Plumbing offers reliable commercial drain cleaning for businesses that rely on their drain systems to service employees, customers, clients, and the general public. If your drains are exposed to high volume use, we can help.

We specialize in fast, same-day service that gets your drains cleared as soon as possible. As a business owner or manager, you already know how important it is to have drains that are clean and clear. Our commercial drain cleaning services keep your business up and running.

What Commercial Drain Services Does Destiny Plumbing Offer?

  • Sanitary sewer system maintenance
  • Commercial drain opening
  • Service for toilets, sinks & tubs
  • Service for catch basin & storm drains
  • Video inspections
  • Plumbing & sewer repair
  • Grease trap cleaning

It doesn’t matter if your property is an apartment complex, shopping center, office, or industrial building we have the expertise it takes to resolve your problem. Our technicians are experienced, and fully trained.

Common Threats to Commercial Drains

As someone responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a commercial drain system, you already know what risks you face. What are some of the most common issues that are a problem for commercial drains?

  • Sanitary products
  • Excessive paper products
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Dairy
  • Children’s toys
  • Tree roots
  • Cell phones
  • Keys
  • Soap scum

Drain clogs are common, but there are things you can do to reduce the risk of clogs. Properly maintaining your drains clean is one of the best ways to avoid problems. Despite your efforts to make sure employees, clients, and customers understand what commercial drains can handle, eventually you will face some kind of problem. Whether it’s an emergency clog or a gradual buildup, Destiny Plumbing can help you with commercial drain cleaning.

Why Choose Allen Plumbing for Your Commercial Drain Cleaning?

We use the latest tools and equipment, which ensures your drains are cleaned with the best technology available. Our equipment includes motorized snakes, cutting blades, cutting boards, corkscrews, and more.

We also take pride in using environmentally safe solutions and we never pour toxic over-the-counter liquids down your drain. These products offer only a temporary solution and are not appropriate for commercial drains. They relocate the clog and eventually, the problem returns, often worse and more expensive to fix than before. The products are also toxic, causing damage to your drains and exposing anyone who uses your facilities to danger.

You need a commercial drain opener that is safe and effective. Whether you are facing a current problem or you want to maintain your drains so no problem occurs, contact Plumbing companies in Johannesburg for commercial drain cleaning.

In many cases, the choice between gas and electric is driven by a home’s existing setup. When a consumer has a choice, however, electric and gas each have their own benefits. Gas water heaters operate more efficiently than electric, providing cost savings on monthly water bills. However, a residential gas water heater can be more expensive to install than an electric water heater, so some customers choose electric over gas.

Emergency  Plumbers in Randburg, Gauteng,  Johannesburg for sinks, toilets, sump pumps, & Sewage Pumps

As a homeowner, you rely on the proper daily operation of your plumbing services Johannesburg. When a sink or toilet fails, it can pose a serious inconvenience, especially if you have a limited number of restrooms.

Plumbing companies in Randburg offers emergency plumbing repair to homes throughout Johannesburg.

Realizing the urgency a plumbing problem brings, we take every call for emergency plumbing services South Africa seriously, sending a skilled repair technician as quickly as possible.

Our emergency services cover almost every plumbing emergency a home can experience.

Sinks and Toilets

There are several issues that can lead you to call for an emergency plumbers Johannesburg. With toilets, leaks or clogs that can’t be removed with a plunger are among the most common reasons for emergency plumbing companies in South Africa. These problems can easily render a toilet unusable until help arrives, causing an inconvenience.

When a sink malfunctions, often you’ll see a leak that creates a pool of water underneath. This type of plumbing emergency can cause serious damage to cabinetry and floors, forcing you to replace it if repair isn’t expedited.

Our emergency local plumbers in Johannesburg will arrive at your location quickly and work to fix the leak as quickly as possible.

Sump Pumps and Sewage Pumps

Many calls for an emergency plumber when a sump pump or sewage pump malfunctions. A sump pump keeps a home safe from flooding, protecting either basements or crawlspaces from water that can cause structural damage and destroy belongings. When one breaks, it’s important to call for emergency plumbing repair to avoid this type of disaster.

Sewage pump malfunctions can cause a sewer to back up, creating an overflow that can be hazardous. Flushing sanitary napkins and cleaning wipes can cause sewage pump problems, but a malfunction can also happen over time with natural use. We provide an emergency plumbers in South Africa to anyone who needs help with a sewage pump emergency.

Our skilled professionals will review your system, determine the cause, and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

When you need an emergency plumbers in Johannesburg, Destiny Plumbing is a great choice. Our fast, friendly, knowledgeable repair professionals can troubleshoot your plumbing problems and fix them quickly.

When you are in need of an emergency plumbing company in Johannesburg, contact a company that has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a high level of customer satisfaction. Our service is not only reliable, but friendly and affordable, as well.

Johannesburg Residential Water Heaters

A residential water heater is a vital part of any home. Providing warm water for showers, dishwashing, and general cleaning, the right water heater can make a big difference in your monthly water bill. When it comes to home water heaters, however, not all houses are completely equal. It’s important that a household chooses the right water heater for its size to cover your needs without wasting energy and money.

Destiny Plumbing services works directly with you to find the best residential water heater to meet your needs. Once the right water heater has been found, we’ll also install and maintain it as needed, putting our years of experience in residential plumbing in Johannesburg area to work for your home. Here are a few options a homeowner has when choosing a water heater.

Bathroom Plumbing Specialists

Bathroom Plumbing Repair

For homes with existing plumbing experts, occasional problems can occur. Our bathroom plumbing specialists arrive at a location as scheduled, quickly working to find the source of the problem to repair it. We have the tools on hand to replace any parts that need it, keeping you from waiting while parts are ordered.

Whether a bathroom sink is linking or a toilet is running persistently, a bathroom plumber can fix the problem and take measures to ensure it won’t recur. In addition to our repair services, we can also conduct maintenance checks on a system to make sure it won’t malfunction suddenly.

Our bathroom plumbing specialists check for leaks, corrosion, and clogs to prevent long-term damage to both the bathroom plumbing and outside lines. We can also check to make sure water pressure is optimized to avoid wasted water and provide a better overall experience for homeowners.

Prompt Faucet Repairs

A leaky faucet is not only annoying, but also increases your utility bills. You might think that a leak doesn’t matter that much, but a faucet that drips throughout the day can lead to a great deal of wasted water. That is why it becomes crucial to have faucet repairs done promptly.

When you call Destiny Plumbing Company in South Africa for faucet repair, we will respond quickly and work efficiently. We can fix your leaky faucet and recommend replacements if necessary.

We’ve been around for over half a century, providing dedicated and efficient plumbing services throughout South Africa. No job is too big or too small, so don’t hesitate to call us for dripping faucet repair. Our plumbers in Johannesburg South are skilled at what they do; they will take care of the problem for you quickly, without as little disruption as possible.

All Kinds of Faucets

There are four different kinds of faucets:

  • Compression
  • Cartridge
  • Ceramic disk
  • Ball type

Tankless Water Heaters

In recent years, tankless water heaters have grown in popularity. As a residential water heater option, a tankless water heater can be especially beneficial in smaller homes with limited storage space. Destiny Plumbing will install a small box that can be mounted on a wall in a closet or out-of-the-way area, providing hot water throughout the home.

A tankless water heater is often the best residential water heater because it provides always-on functionality. At any time, a person can have instant hot water, whether in the shower or at a sink. Tankless water heaters also operate more efficiently, since they only heat water as it’s being used, providing a cost and energy savings to a home.

Destiny Plumbing specializes in meeting your residential water heater needs. For more information on how we can help you heat the water in your home as efficiently as possible, contact us today for a free consulation.

073 698 9277 / 082 584 0067

Why Destiny Plumbing ?


Commercial Plumbing

Businesses rely on commercial plumbing services to make sure their offices and retail spaces are fully operational. Commercial plumbing has a unique set of requirements, however, with plumbers working to specialize in the different types of plumbing that are installed in South Africa’s many commercial buildings.

The commercial plumbers in Johannesburg South have a half a century of experience in the South Africa area. During that time, we’ve established ourselves as a valuable part of the community, working directly with some of the most popular businesses in the area. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating demonstrates the stellar reputation we’ve earned over the years, just type, approved plumbers near me, you will find us. We are regularly recommended by our customers and we’ve never received a Better Business Bureau complaint.

Cleaning and Repair

Commercial plumbing companies are expected to minimize downtime with fast emergency services. When a business has a commercial plumbers near me problem, one call is expected to repair the problem quickly, whether the issue involves replacing a part or simply unclogging a pipe. Realizing the importance of minimal downtime, Plumbing services Johannesburg always maintains a full inventory of parts for quick replacements when necessary.

In some instances, our skilled commercial plumbing contractors in Gauteng can take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs later. As we see areas where improvements can be made, we’ll notify a business of these improvements and provide an estimate. We believe that by keeping our commercial plumbing customers as informed as possible, we’re able to help businesses make decisions that work within their own budgets.


In addition to helping existing businesses, Destiny Plumbing also regularly works on new installations and remodels, where commercial plumbing services are required to make extensive changes. Our technicians have consulted on multiple construction projects, giving us the experience necessary to effortlessly save businesses money on utilities.

Once a new installation or remodeling project is complete, our commercial plumbers provide support for the installed plumbing companies South Africa for many years. Having firsthand knowledge of a commercial building’s plumbing system, we’re well-prepared to consult on any maintenance, repairs, or upgrades that need to be done. We provide a comprehensive estimate to help businesses decide what changes to make.

When Plumbers Johannesburg North with businesses are looking for skilled commercial plumbing services Johannesburg.

24 hour plumber  is a service provider of choice. Our fast, friendly customer service and decades of knowledge will ensure your business understands its options and has the information necessary to make the best decision for your commercial Plumbing companies in Gauteng.
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